The Story Behind Sascha Grabow

By Sascha Grabow

Sascha Grabow is a global adventurer, worldwide travel expert, professional photographer (Getty, Amnesty International, Wikipedia) and at the moment the youngest contender for the title: „World’s Most Traveled Person“. Have you heard of ‚The Amazing Race‘? That’s basically what Sascha has been doing ‚professionally‘ for the last 25 years. On July 9th, 2008 he became the world’s youngest person in the „Hall of Fame“ of the most traveled persons, having set foot on more than 400 Countries and Territories. In June 2016 Sascha completed traveling to all 193 UN Countries & became the first person below age 50 to visit 1000+ territories categorized by

He ‚learned‘ and started hitch-hiking at age eleven, for school-buses in his area were really scarce. He has worked as a ski instructor and later became a professional tennis player, a job that quickly developed his travel organization skills. Sascha Grabow has also been to over 1000 Islands.


“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

His longest trips took him in twentyfive months through the Pacific, in twenty months overland from Papua New Guinea via Africa back to Germany, and in eighteen months, partly as a traveling tennis coach, through 45 countries on four continents. He has eaten Polar Bear (Eskimo Territory), Monkey, Elephant & Crocodile (Congo), Dog (Philippines & Tonga), Snake (Cameroon), Scorpion (Thailand), Caterpillar (Zambia), Zebra, Kudu, Oryx & Ostrich (Namibia), Camel (Western Sahara & Sudan), Whale (Faroe Islands), Seal (Greenland), Turtle (Cayman Islands), and Cactus (Mexico), and has shared holey mosquito nets in pygmies‘ homes and celebrated new year’s eve in a crowd where people salut into the air with real Kalashnikovs (Central African Republic). In Sierra Leone he worked with refugee repatriation as camp manager and convoy leader, in Mother Theresa’s original mission in Calcutta he’s worked with handicapped & blind children as well as comforting the dying. His first photo exhibition (on african tribes) was held 2007 in Heilbronn, South Germany. 2008 was spent in the Caribbean, then hitching & hiking the North American Continent towards Iceland, TV Show in Germany, later back to Africa. 2009 two months Congo, Indian Ocean, South America. Finally in 2010 the timing was right to reach Antarctica, the seventh Continent.

So far Sascha has worked as a tour guide, fitness coach, flight courier, travel guide, photographer, motivation guru, actor/extra (Egypt), writer, adventurer, bartender (Fuerteventura), soldier, seaman (Caribbean), car deliverer (towards Kazakhstan), sailor, english teacher (Uzbekistan), camp manager & convoy leader in refugee repatriation (Sierra Leone), social worker (Mission Mother Theresa, Calcutta), cook (Faroe Islands), dishwasher hospital, tennis pro ATP, tennis traveling coach, tennis teacher (Germany, Spain, China, USA), animation – GO, dancer/show/theater, ski instructor, translator and bouncer (Dallas).


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